Outsourced CFO

You know your company would really benefit from having a top-notch CFO on your team, but you can’t afford, nor do you need, a full-time person. We step in as your CFO as deeply and expansively as your business demands. You may have multiple finance and accounting needs: raising equity and/or debt capital, dynamic financial forecast models, cash flow forecasting, tax compliance, partner opportunity analysis, or concise company performance dashboards. We are there for all of the above or just a select few. It’s completely up to you.

Financial Model & Cash Flow Forecasting

Whether you are preparing your next investor pitch, considering selling your business, or just trying to have clear visibility into your future cash flows, having a realistic, data-driven cash flow model is crucial. Tracking your current and future cash flow needs is the single most critical part of understanding your company’s success. We’re adept at bottoms-up and top-down financial models. When you levereage our outsourced accounting, finance and CFO services, you’ll have realistic projections that will enable you to pursue opportunities on a solid foundation. We dive deep into your business to thoroughly understand the drivers of your business. You end up with an actionable strategic plan based on solid financial analysis. With that in hand, you can set clear, measurable goals for your leadership and staff.

Startup Launch

We love startups—their energy, creativity, passion and drive. They inspire us to do what it takes to achieve a startup’s success. After all, your great idea deserves to grow big. We’ll be alongside you to make sure you have access to the finance and accounting resources to support your new venture both at launch and as you grow. Our outsourced CFO, finance and accounting services are ideal for developing your business plan, preparation of pitch materials for investors, or entity formation. We are ready to help your business grow.

Accounting Infrastructure & Outsourcing

As companies grow so does the need for better accounting controls and more efficient processes. Our team has decades of experience in helping companies adapt to new agile environments and improved technologies. We support this effort by offering a wide variety of resources to tackle these challenges, allowing you to put your energy into sales and growth rather than accounting and administration.

Capital & Fundraising

What are the best capital alternatives for your business? How do you target your ideal investor? We answer those questions (and more) based on your company’s specific situation and needs. We know the importance of capital; equally important, we also clearly understand the ramifications of the different paths of capitalization. So whether you end up pursuing angel funding, traditional venture capital, commercial debt, or alternative/crowd-sourced funding, we have vast experience in helping companies get the right kind of transaction completed for their business.

M&A Advisory

No matter which side of the table you’re on, you need a dedicated team to focus on the intricate and complex process of mergers and acquisitions. For a target company, we know where the pitfalls could be in the deal terms. And when it comes to buy-side, we know what to look for: appropriate valuation, market and culture fit, and appropriate due diligence. The varying participants—from tax experts and attorneys to investors and integration teams—demand close coordination and oversight. We facilitate and participate in all the efforts and tasks associated with M&A: due diligence, analysis of structure/terms, and the interaction with the buyer or the target. Everything we do is designed to deliver a successful outcome for you.